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Weirdness, you guys.

First my MP3-player died on me. After yelling at it for a while and trying to turn it back on every day for two weeks (I'm stubborn), I decided it was time to move on. Since I'm me, and therefore pretty darn lazy, three weeks later I still hadn't gotten a new one. I decided to try it one last time, and lo and behold, IT WORKS! That was three days ago, and IT'S STILL WORKING. Okay, so my weirdness is rubbing off on my stuff.

Yesterday I try to play a youtube video on my computer, and I get no sound. I'm kind of slow, so it took me a while to figure out that hey, my speakers have died. Yep, no sound to be gotten out of those. I was planning on buying some new ones today, but I was too busy having weird sleeping patterns that might point to possible vampirism. I blame My Chem. Anyway, since my memory is sort of faulty, the first thing I do on my computer is turning on some music. After about an hour or so, I notice my speakers are actually working. THIS IS FREAKING ME OUT, YOU GUYS. STOP BECOMING UNDEAD, ELECTRONIC DEVICES. SERIOUSLY.
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