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I would be so happy if I could just go one day without having to sneeze approximately 4,225,125,236 times. I swear I have a permanent cold. It sucks.

I think I'll have a small picspam to cheer me up!

Exactly. That's my point.

U cannot has! Mine!
Meanwhile, Ryan is not impressed. Spencer and Jon are busy being married.

Sleeeeeepy. &Zack;

I don't even know. Half-naked weirdness. No one is impressed. Ryan has trouble with buttons.

Surprise Jon Walker!

Interpretative dance. I does it.
Spencer is not impressed.

I made that face too when I saw that dance. Then I LOL'd. The other guy is not impressed.

Sadly, the end of the picspam. You are probably not impressed. That word means nothing to me anymore.

I feel better already.