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Summer in the city

I just got back from a quick trip to the city with The Ex. Hey, I actually went outside today! I guess that's positive.

I was okay at first, but then more and more people came into the store where we were and I panicked. I clung on to The Ex's arm for dear life whilst doing my best to keep breathing. Not a pretty sight. I didn't run out of the store, though. Yay me?

And it was all for nothing. They still didn't have the book I was looking for. Stupid store. They'd told me it would be there in September. It's September, people! *Sigh* The Ex was nice enough to ask the clerk when the book would arrive, and they're going to send him a message when it comes in, so we won't have to make any more unnecessary trips, though.

We also went to a perfume store, because The Ex needed to buy more Aqua Di Gio. I spotted Paris Hilton's perfume and went to try it, because I wanted to know what "skank" smelled like. Well, it smelled surprisingly good. I may have to buy me a bottle the next time I have some money. (Just to be really clear, I don't personally know Paris, therefore I can't know if she really is a skank. I was just trying to make a joke) I didn't run out of that store, either, but it was kind of empty, so I can't really take credit for it.

He dropped me off at home after that, because there were just too many people in the city and I was on the brink of a panic attack.

Oh, and Star asked me to tell you, gentle readers, that she is also a basket case. She's social phobic, too, but she's also agoraphobic, so she can't really leave her house at all. Well, at least she doesn't have my suicidal tendencies. I guess that's something.

I think I'll end this post here and maybe write some more later tonight. 'Till then, gentle readers.

Basket Case
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